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What is this?

This small tool was originally made to assist a friend in transforming text files into Minecraft books that limit you to 255 characters per page. This program can load text from a file or let you type/paste it in, and splits it into blocks/pages you can readily paste into Minecraft.


  • Easy loading of text files via drag & drop or a paste.
  • Automatic Copy when you click the Next or Prev navigation buttons (no need for CTRL+C).
  • Adjustable page size for smaller or larger pages.
  • Standalone lightweight EXE file that doesn't need to be installed, nor writes anything to your disk.


This program is compiled to run with the .NET Framework 4.0, which should be available in a reasonably up-to-date version of Windows Vista or higher. To make sure your system can run the program, just download and run it!

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